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Written and directed by Minwoo Park


Log line

A Korean male visits an isolated lighthouse to find his sister, who was adopted by an american during the Korean war.



Cecilia is a 23 years old korean american sensitive teenager, who was adopted by Gideon at 1952 during the korean war. She lives in a small lighthouse island in Maine, where she barely contacts with outside of the world. The mundane life of being in a boring island, her desire of going outside of the island is bigger and bigger.


One day, Taewook, 28 years old korean male visits the island without a notice. Taewook tells Cecilia that he is her brother, and he came to the USA to bring her back to Korea.  In Cecilia’s life, she does not have specific memories of Korean life, nor met any asian people in the USA. Taewook is too strange for her to accept as a brother.  Gideon allows Taewook to stay in the island for only one night. Taewook, Cecilia and Gideon will have a first and last dinner together. Now, Cecilia must decide whether she will stay with her father or follow her real brother.

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