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(DP) Red Gemini 5K + Sigma Art review(Long term Gemini Review)

We all know what's RED.

RED MUST NEED LIGHT, IT'S LIGHT HUNGRY CAMERA BRAND. I started to own Red from Scarlet-MX 2013. My first Red camera. But I had to sell the camera, because I found the camera needs at least 1 stop over exposed light in your set... Let me rephrase this again.


So I left Red and got my FS7 when it just came out. FS7 was such an wonderful camera with speed booster. ISO 2000 Base iso + 1 extra stop with speed booster. That means I am allowed to shoot a scene with base iso 3200iso (theoretically)

Again, that means I could shoot anywhere in NYC without light. Run N Gun style... like what Chunking Express did. I enjoyed my FS7 around 2-3 years... Red came out with Dragon sensor, which I really disliked, ISO hadn't been improved with old DSMC1 body. (Just letting you know that my old scarlet on ISO800 was freaking noisy haha in shadows)

At late 2016, things has been changed. Red finally announced, Weapon cameras DSMC2, scarlet-W, Red raven and EPIC-W.

Epic-W was a shocking camera at that time. Mark Toia shows off Red's ISO3200 with very little noise at the shadow, and I find that at least 1.5 stop of improvement from Red MX sensor.

So I sold my FS7 and moved back into Red Epic-W without a doubt. Things gets better, and I WAS VERY HAPPY UNTIL....

I heard that Red misrepresented their ISO system in camera 1 stop higher. (2017) That means, I actually had been shooting on 400 ISO instead of 800 as a base iso, and my maximum iso of 3200 iso means 1600 ISO on new IPP2 SYSTEM (RED changed the ISO system matching to other manufactures)


Yeah this is really really suck... That means comparing to OLD FS7 base iso 2000+ 1stop=3200 iso

my Epic-W no option Speed booster Maximum ISO 1600 at low light situation (also you are not recommended to shoot on low light situation with Iso 1600 due to crazy noise, and you wanted to shoot around 400-800 ISO in red R3D system)

That's like minimum 1.5 stop to -2.5 stop differences in low light run and gun shooting style.(Yes, you own red, you can afford to shoot with gaffer that means you can def find a way to light it, what's the matter? ) To me as a DP, I would like to have an option to shoot with a light or without a light at out door. And that means really a lot to me.

No one was talking about this... and I was kind of stuck using Epic-W, and I actually liked the images that EPIC-W was giving me. Than, RED SNEAKILY, ANNOUNCED RED GEMINI 5K.

I have been talking about how suck RED is when it comes to low light situation, but that ended with Red Gemini. It has dual ISO between 800, and LL 3200. At 3200, your noise floor is lower than Epic-W 800 in shadow (WTF?) - Look, when I shot my Epic-W I barely shoot on 640 ISO even in order to reduce the shadow noise.

I probably talked about I didn't like the Dragon. Main reason, I didn't like Dragon sensor, because of the shadow GREEN noise. At MX system era, Red had this magenta based noise that usually didn't break the look on casting's shadow that badly. But Dragon and Epic-W both created this weird green shadow noises that sometimes really frustrated me. This really reminds me of Sony color profiles. I am not so sure everyone remembers this... but early on, Sony was being ditched by everyone, because sony has this very very weird green tint color on the skin tone that make casting look like a zombie...

That's what Dragon and Helium sensor reminded me of.

NOW Gemini doesn't have this issue any more. The color becomes so much more accurate with new sensor... There are things that I really like about Gemini is following list.

1. Magenta based noise in shadow (Hell,YEAH! It actually reminded me MX sensor, and I loved that!)

2. Shadow noise floor is very very little at ISO 800, I would say it's cleaner than Alexa camera, that being says, you can add more noise artificially, but you can't get rid of the noise without artifacts correct?

This is a review of Red Gemini 5K + Sigma art primes review

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