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First Major Feature Film Cinematographer Position

In 2012,

Thomas Kim, a genius film director from NYU, my Marines senior, has suggested me to try to work in Film industry. Back than, I was very struggling in a slump of unknown goal in fine art photography coming from crappy commercial photography world.

I did a photo exhibitions several time, one with group, one myself, and I found myself stuck in lacks of knowledge of arts in general. 4 year later I got a BFA from Pratt. Meanwhile I finished 4 feature films, as a cinematographer, an Editor, a gaffer in each positions and finished more than 100 music/commercial projects.

I wasn't 19 years old, I didn't have enough time to enjoy the college life in america, yet all these works become my flash and bone structure of my works.

One day in Dec, 2017 I got a phone call from Jungsub Lee, known as a top level producer and a writer. He told me that he would like to make his first indie feature film with me. At that time, Director Lee finished his latest film "Real" and he had his own reasons to not collaborating with other investments, but bringing his own funds into the project.

Whether, it's an indie project or not

The project was harsh, yet the biggest project I have ever done.

We had total 9 days of principal photography dates to shoot total runtime of 120 Min/130 pages in american scripted format.

My fastest shooting used to be shooting a 6-7 pages per a day (6-7 min)

But because of the project, My current fastest shooting under 16 hours is 16.5 min per a day. There are many breakdowns I will upload when the movie will be officially announced.

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