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I have been using my Mamiya prime sets on Red for a while with Red speedbooster mount. There are good and bad thing about the lenses, and I hoped I could give you guys some feed backs about the lens.

I have following Mamiya lenses set.

35mm 3.5

45mm 2.8

55mm 2.8

80mm 1.9

80mm 2.8

80mm Macro 4

110mm 2.8

110mm Macro 4

150mm 2.8

200mm 2.8

300mm 2.8

Note: This frame grabs are Rec709 at IPP2 red epic-w 8k 8:1 resolution - Screen grab(if you need r3d I can provide you, just PM me)


1. Resolution; Without 80mm 1.9 and 150mm 2.8, all the other lenses could handle 8k at T4 very very sharp images. at 2.8, it's still sharp enough to handle most of the shots.

2. Bokeh; Man.... I can't say good enough about mamiya lens set bokeh. People say Leica has a great creamy Bokeh... well... Please check my First impression Mamiya lens test (check the video link below) even at F22, the back ground separation is just so great!!!

(35mm 3.5 at F3.5)

(80MM 2.8 at 2.8)

(35mm 3.5 at F3.5)

(80MM 1.9 at 1.9) - Yeah, it's so dreammmyyyyy.

(110mm 2.8 at F2.8)

(110mm 2.8 at F2.8)

(45mm 2.8 at F4)

(110mm 2.8 at F4)

3. Unique colors; Mamiya company was known for a Fashion photography in Japan and South Korea - i am not so sure about this in the america because Hasselblad literally destroyed the market in the west. I started my photography career with Mamiya, and when I started literally more than 70% of fashion photography was shot on Mamiya due to their

colors for skin tones at 90s and early 2000s in film photography world.

4. LENS COVERAGE; this lens could cover 645!!!!

meaning, if you put my RED mamiya speed booster on Monstro, the coverage you will get is beyond VV. I shot one short with this method, and It was really really great - can't share the photo of the footage, but if you PM me I can show you. It's poor man's Alexa 65. FREAKING AWESOME!


1. LENS CONDITION; Yes, the lenses are freaking old, lens grees are freaking dried in a lots of lenses. I have two 35mm 3.5... one of them is screwed during the shoot(focus is not moving anymore) the other one is working, but little bit stiff. Ebay is the way to get your lens. some of them says good condition, and it looks good condition for PHOTOGRAPHY. Photographers don't focus in and out 100 times a min, and unfrotunately my A.C does. Seriously, some of my lenses are really hard to know whether my lens has a problem, or mamiya photography lenses are known for screwed up when you pull focus so much of the time like my 35mm.

2.Lens mount; I bought the lens mount from Jacek Zakowicz Their company provides really really impressive speed booster... BUT, mamiya mount system it self has little bit of problem, meaning unless it's locking system like Red EF mount, traditional Mamiya mount will be able to lock your lens perfectly meaning - it's wiggling some lenses.

NOTE: IT'S NOT Jacek Zakowicz's fault. It's the mamiya lens mount system. I hoped Jacek Zakowicz could add user interchangeable upgrade option for our Red speed booster mount, which could tightens our shitty old mamiya mount lenses.

3. FILTER THREAD; I hate when lenses filter thread moves for two reasons. 1st: it's not a good idea to clip your matte box on the filter thread, because the weight of the matte box will break your lens. 2nd: you are only allowed to use universal donut and this is suck.

4. wide angle coverage suck.

Mamiya 645 lenses minimum focal length started with 24mm (FISHEYE) 28mm (New lens, but no way to control aputure, because it's electronical aputuer) so starts from 35mm.

If you own Red monstro, Sony Venice, Kinefinity Mavo LF, or just A7SII, just get the speed booster your widest angle will be

17MM T2.0 at Super 35mm - yes you are lucky, and you will enjoy wide angle with mamiya!!

BUT if you own a camera with super 35mm lens you won't get enough wide angle, because lacks of wide angle lens(perhaps, your sensor is not big enough)

Solutions for almost perfect lens set


-Expensive, but it might do the job, hopefully our lens won't stock in the middle of the shoot.

- my whole lenses set costed me around 8,000$, but cine moded will cost me $20,000 and up wtf lol what an ironic - I am a korean, and I am thinking of bringing this entire lens set to KIM Camera in south korea who does full cine moded... if it would cost me less than $10,000 I am willing to throw my money haha T_T but that won't happen.

2. just having extra back up units in your hands in case your lens will fuck you up on set.

- well it seems this option looks more promising since the lenses are so cheap :)


Yes there are many mechanical problems that you need to fix when you get these lenses.

But, for the image, I just can't give the lenses up yet.

It's very beautiful, I prefer this set over Leica for instance. Again as a filmmaker without certain focal length, you don't even have an option to shoot certain shots, and you really don't want to mix use other lens, because Mamiya lens has very very unique bokeh and color. That being says, unless you own VV sensored camera + speed booster, this lens set might be little bit difficult for certain director and cinematography to cope with lack of wide angle options for Super 35mm sensored camera.

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