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(DP) I replaced my old unusable LED fresnel light COB chip into a new 95 CRI LED CHIP

3-4 years ago, I bought really two shitty 70-80 cri Chinese LED lighting for 280$

After I had seen the quality of light, I have never used the light since.

It was really fucked up quality

Iphone 6

I just found two Yuji 95 cri good cob chip for 5600k.

Yuji Led

Yuji Led

Here is my live phone video to show you the output of the lighting comparing to 120D aputure.

Final Conclusion comparing to Arri 650, and Aputure 120D.

Camera status; Speed 180/ ISO 800/ DISTANCE: 9ft


1. Arri 650 PLUS at full flood (54 degree) (T2.9) 2. Aputure with Fresnel Spot (T13.0)/ Full flood (T9.0)/ Without fresnel/ (T5.0) 3. *Came TV fixture + Yuji high Cri Led Full Flood (T4.0)/ Spot(T4.5)

Color quality is significantly better comparing to shitty old COB chip.

Unfortunately, I was too lazy to comparing old COB to Yuji Led chip, and both of the lights were currently replaced into Yuji Led.

Let's say, previous one was worse than any of exist 2017 shitty LED LIGHT. I would call this came TV old version cob chip was the worst color ever... I just can't use it. CRI was about 70 something.

Comparing to that it was a successful modification.

I have two 120Ds, and I was thinking of purchasing more Aputure Led lights, and I decided not to. I think I can use these two lights mix use with Aputure.

Also, I pre-ordered two 300Ds from aputure...

I think we are living in a really good time for Indie cinematography environment.

At Last, I replaced Plug end, and painted the lighting with black matte color.

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