(DP) This is what "happens" if you hired a DP, who does not understand lighting continuity


There are two kinds of key lighting techniques we learn.

1. Short Light

2. Broad Light

In the above samples of a music video that Black magic provides as a practice. I found one single shot that can't be match to any other shots.

DaVinci is a such a great color correction, grading tool.

However, there are something that you can't fix. It's direction of the lights.

Out of total 8 shots. Only second shot is short lighting.

Rest of them were used broad light. I wouldn't judge this project as 100% high key project, it's because there are some 6:4 a little bit of contrast between close and far depth.

As a director, and cinematographer, you must choose only one theme/mood/tone lighting technique to keep your continuity of the shots.

It would be such a helpful to your DP, if you can actually tell them in advanced.

(Broad light/ back ground depth is short)**

(Short Light/ Depth is deep and far)

(Broad light/ Depth is middle)

(Broad Light/ Depth is close)

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