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(Dir) A good director, which do you care between performance, and visualization?

There are two different kind directors that we could easily find.

Director 1: A director based on field experience.

Director 2: A director based on academic back ground.

Director 1 cares mostly performance. Usually, these directors cares about the trendy.

On the other hand, Director 2 cares about Mise En Scene and it's visualization through everything.

Because the school taught Director 2 "Importance of aware of aspects of background, mood, tone, lighting, focal length, color, ambient sound, length of take, and it's composition", the director 2 always known as "Dictator" on the set.

There are good and bad about both different type of directors.

Director 1's case he/she usually try to create the film based on team/crew's vision, instead of his. It doesn't mean that he doesn't have a vision. He just relies on all the aspects to his key members such as cinematographer, production designer, writer, and it's performer.

Director 2 however does not rely on his vision to others. He gives the specific tone and mood to his cinematographer even focal length. He gives the very specific color palate to production designer. To director 2, "Filling an empty space" isn't a way to make a set. He will constantly argue with production designer. Of course, when it comes to details, Director also needs to rely on key members like the director 1. In terms of performance, director 2 usually dictating the blocking. Natural is important, but to him where actor sees and how an eye line matches to reverse shot matters more at the end.


Some directors actually care emotion, mood, tone, movement, and visual art form more than it's story.

There are many successful stories based on this. Because human feels before understands it, and these are close to Director 2.

No one will remember the specific line of the movie, but everyone remember a scene that has a tone and emotion in that scene.

What is your most memorable film? Again what was the scene or line?

Let's reconstruct the sentence; What was your most memorable moment? was that the specific language line that someone told you? or a part of memory that you saw?

In conclusion, a single script could be made millions kind of way. However, a good director isn't only accurately deliver it's message, but also make sure audience will remember.

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