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(WRITER) Future? Literature Essay

The After Effect

Technology has an aftereffect. Written by Ray Bradbury and published in 1950, Veldt is a science fiction story that how children murder their parents through a virtual reality in tragic. In the near future, virtual reality might drive us to rely them physically, and mentally. Veldt criticized about this technology in unknown future time, when we are dependent on them too much. In my opinion, Bradbury’s Voldt is a short that, which gives us a questions about technology isn’t a miracle magic tool. In fact, this story tells us, technology could be harmful to us. Ray Bradbury illustrates three examples of how technology could harm, divide and kill us.

Technology divides our children and parents. Precisely, we are distracted by the technology like gaming console, cell phone, and online social networks. You could easily manipulate a frog to death, when you put it in a cold water pot and gradually boiling the water. Online addition might affect on your performance and your relationship. (Nytimes) Ironically, Veldt critically emphasizes a family’s segmented situation occurs to technology addicted children kill their parents, because the parents prohibited using a machine. It sounds unrealistic to me at first. However, I could easily see 21 century citizens could be extremely frustrated and angered when their cell phone go wrong and when they are driving.

Technology could be harmful to our children. like Nency Jennigs argues, when the movie came out first, people found many educational purpose possibilities through a new form of technology at first. However, We all know that this technology also could “teach” violence and dissipation.(Future of the children, nancy jennings 31 page) Likewise, Bradbury also point out, how a virtual reality machine could influence children. These two children became a anesthesia while they are watching a lion’s action of killing and bloody eating. It ends up resulting of a murder scene. People could be influenced by violence, and they would accept easily. For example, I am a true evidence who likes to shoot a gun, because I was influenced by the computer gun shooting game. In fact, it’s a very dangerous act, but I accept easily when I have a chance to shoot a gun for general. I might not liking shooting a gun, if I have never played a violent game when I was a child.

Also, the technology could kill us. In March 04, 2010. A parents killed their daughter cause of starvation, because they were playing online game. However, they feed their online daughter on time, at every four times a day. Su Young Kim, a first news reporter from SBS found that the parents have argued that they had prefered online game daughter more than real daughter. In Veldt, the children prefered Nursury rather than their parents, and this children’s rackless action results kills their parents. Veldt is no longer science fiction. It’s well psychoanalysed non-fiction academic report that Ray Bradbury’s fantasy became a reality. As a “strongest” game player country citizen in the world, I have been heard many similar newses like this at least three or four times. Ironically, all these people wants to avoid their reality to a virtual world. People are starting to relying on their reality on technology.

In conclusion, technology gives us some convenience, but there are too much risky for using it without knowing after effects. Veldt illustrates the perfect examples of these aftereffect, which will remind us when we are using technology. At the end, this double sided sword could harm and protect us from the “reality”. I remember I used to play Tetris, however you could easily kill people on a game. There should be more accurately education system based on the speed of development of technology. Furthermore, we need to be responsible for its after effect, when we innovate new technology in the future.

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