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Working with Genius Director.

Diretor of Caihong City, Florina Titz, my previous professor, offered me an assistant editing job for her feature film. (Http://

It's my first day to work, and I have been researching what is the job that what does ASST, editor do.


This time, I am doing something different. According to Florina,

I will do " She is looking for someone that can meta tag both footage and audio files, as welll as, prep sequence, and identify visual refernces to tie shots together for transitions and hard cuts. Syncing sometimes, bouncing ideas as well. Looking for stock footage and making annotations." Florina texted me.

I sent her back.

"Okay, ....

It's super crazy amount of information within two sentences."

I can't wait to see how different workflow between mine and hers.

I will review this experinces after I've finished work along with this feature film.

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