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Youtube Station Prince Rama Directing job

I was hired by Wild Honey Pie's buzz session for a directing position.

This time, we went to shoot in Youtube station.

Prince Rama

We had to shoot entire two songs of session within 8 hours.

I had to decide many things among the budget.

We rented Three Red dragon Epic

with Canon Cine lens kit.

Honestly, Canon cine lens is rather very disapointed. I have been shooting with master ziess, sigma art, otus kit recently. Comparing these three prime lens kit, I would say, canon's cine lens is way to soft for 6k resolution. It's just not good enough.

Ironically, cheap sigma art lens is handling way better than canon's low noise super shallow depth of field 1.2-1.4. condition.

The lenses get sharp enough when you hit T4.0 which is ridiculous for what you pay for. my sigma 2.0-2.8 is rather sharper than Canon cine lens.

Also, like this kind of live show, you don't need cinema lenses - three operator didn't have A.C at all, which means, the operator must know how to pull focus each other. In fact, in this case, the shorter focus throw actually would helpful.

In terms of lighting, you must know that Youtube station's Studio C's lighting fixture can't be removal, nor reposition. So, I had to struglling changing the light composition along the shooting.

We couldn't even rent many lights so we really were struglling in many cases.


Like always, I hoped that I had a bit more time to prepare.

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