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Directing two Fashion commercials

Working along with King Redman - A.K.A

We decided to make two spec fashion commercials.

Total budget of $2000 including + Studio space + gears + Human resources.

I have only three hours to shoot two fashion films.

It must be simple and easy.


1. A space snake- Medussa is wonder around the mysterious space.

2. Juxtaposition between modern and contemprary - minimulism.

We were shooting with

FS7 + Sigma art prime sets of 24mm, 35mm and 50mm with Metabones speed booster.

Slow motion was 120fps - I didn't boost it to 180 for the quality sake.

We hade two 4x4 kino bank + 2x 1k tungsten - It's minimal - I decided not to shoot too many lights. It wasn't necessity.

However, some of the shots were underexposed due to lack of "A.C NOR GAFFER"

all I had was a P.A who has never been to film set.

Full control of the set as a director, and a cinematographer. Some how it is a dream situation.

King produced amazingly, he found both models, clothes, budget, and HMU, as well as a stylist.

Here are both links of the project

1. Serpent:

2. Cinderella:

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