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Artists' Cave feature film (Note)

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Artists' Cave (Feature)

What is an Artists' Cave?

Artists' Cave is a film about discovering the truth of it's art world. Generally, in terms of general perception of artits' being is called such as ' hunger ', 'poor', 'Laziness', 'freedom', 'suffer', 'tregedy'.

General perception gives a clue of some what true in this world, but there are many miss-information in this world too.

In fact, there aren't any of artists' life through a economist's point of view, in a mean time there aren't such a great tool to paint these artists' life unless it's promotional and unrealistic work of life.

Now, Artists' Cave will give you a clue of what is a real artists' life. Artists' Cave will break down your "shadow" inside the cave, so that you can see the "Sun" again.

Shadow- Perception Sun- A new way seeing by Plato

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Processing Note

Artists' Cave has been written 40pages of script at Feb 2014.

Currently, Minwoo Park is producing, directing altogether himself. There aren't simply a budget, because all the expenses are coming from his pocket.

Many independent producers contacted Minwoo Park to 'help', but they turned down the deal, since the budget is very low.

Minwoo Park doesn't give up this project, because he knows people need to know what is going on behind this 'art world'.

Nevertheless, he has been shooting six artists' point of view about what does this financial point of view about being an artist. In the mean time he is looking for a financial analysist, who also interests in this project futher.

Currently Minwoo Park argues that 'Money can't make him stop finishing this film, just like what he is trying to make this film'.

A simple idea about artists' survival method.

Narrative stories, about being an artist in USA.

Successful artists, what is a defenition of being a success in art world?

Money? Honor?

A banksey's film Exit through the gift shop shows you a fact of how art is being easily made, easily copied, easily sold.

In fact, Art work is being valued by marketing, but because of its meaning.

In this case, we have a method of syllogism, we could make a pretty accurate assumtion.

People die, if they don't have money

Artists are people

Artists need to sell their works to survive

This is a basic idea about a syllogism.

Well marketed product is selling, although it's not good enough

Art work is a product

Therefore, well marketed art work is selling well, although the product isn't good enough as an art work.

In this method, we have gotten a question during the processing.

Art work should be creative

Normal people aren't creative as an artist

Art works can't be judged by normal people, because normal people aren't creative as an artist

If I combines these two theory, I could make a simple conclusion.

Normal people can't understand an artwork

Art work should be creative

Artists shouldn't be too creative to sell their work to normal people

In my conclusion is this

Artists need to sell their work to be survive

too creative or unmarketed art work won't be sold

Therefore, artists need to learn how to market their work to sell instead of trying to be more create more works.

Supply and Demands Curv in economist's POV.

The price P of a product is determined by a balance between production at each price (supply S) and the desires of those withpurchasing power at each price (demand D). The diagram shows a positive shift in demand from D1 to D2, resulting in an increase in price (P) and quantity sold (Q) of the product.

Apply this method and describe in this art world.

1. Artists are getting increased(S is increasing) - Art works are increasing

2. Economy is bad, demands are getting decreased.

3. Prices of art works are getting decreased, because of demands meets with a supply in a low prices, in a mean time there is an increasing of artists still.

Access of being an artists are increasing, unlike 100 years ago.

Mainly, it's because of Fine art and Design has been divided.

Fine artists are no-longer needed to be record, because there are tools like photography and videography.

Fine artists no-longer need to create clothes, product, and anything it's functional, because there are specific desingers for menufacture like fashion designers, industrial designers.

Human's expression ways have been increased ever, because of its vereity of tools, on the other hand, there is less demands for fine artists. It's nolonger functional, but its own value and very subjective.

Fine art works have been pressured by other tools, like design and media.

Describtion of an artist is specifically devided its visual artist more and more. People could call them as a painter, but more likely an artist.

Artists' Cave Chapters

1. Pre production

-Economist’s point of view about what is an art,why art work is a product

-Survey of ordinary people’s POV what is an art how do they define selling an art work

-History of an art work selling-Art association’s POV about selling art work in current situation

-Example of recession and demands of being an art works. (Fashion design)

2. Art work processing

-Do artists need to research it’s demands of art collector?

-Do artists need to discover its investor?

-Do artists need to find it’s own liability?

-How do they find it’s resources to create an work.

3. Sales

-Marketing processing Internet vs MagazineArt

-Dealer vs Private

-sales it’s own himself

-Other artists’ way

4. Analysis

-How do you increase sales?

-What was the reason that an art work wasn’t selling or in low prices?

5. Resolution/ Conclusion

-Art school need to teach art student its sales skills or network skills

Economist's POV of Art world

Marketer's Pov about Artists' Cave

"Marketing is an adding a value"

Bernard Jacobs - Professor of berkeley college, author of THE PLAN, Founder of London Fog.

Definition of Marketing and it's relationship with an art work.

What if we add a value on a useless work?

In this circulstance, we need a fact that art collectors could be manipulated by this marketing tools.

Let's say, Minwoo Park paints a work.

He is not a painter, but he knows how to paint.

his works have never been sold, but let's say we add a value some how.

What would be the result? Is it going to be the higher prices depends on the marketing stretagis?

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