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Casting                                              Mario Leon Adrion

Casting                                                  Anne Windsland

Directed and written by                                Minu Park

Produced by                          Minu Park, King Redman

First Assistant director                                  Liza Mann

Second Assistant director                Macha Tsarenkov

Director of photography                            Arthur Woo

Assistant Camera                                       Gregg Mann

Key Grip                                                Ruben Moraless

Editor                                                               Minu Park

VFX                                                      Gabriel Chaignon

Art director                                               King Redman

Fashion Designer                      Jai Ren, Peter Hildago

Prop Master                                         Fiona Yang Wen

Hair designer                                            Rodnei Ferby

Make Up                                                    King Redman

Stylist                                                   Alvin Maldonado



Gideon, 26years old, works until late, in the financial center, NYC. On his way back home, he runs into a blue shooting star. But, he ends up realizing it's not a star, a beautiful self ruminating creature. The creature finds a dilemma between first time meeting with human, but she needs that star to come back her home.

Director's statement

Idea came out during the research on LED lighting strip for on set using for my own music video project. I realized that I could make a clothes using these low voltage led strip. 

I want this film to be very subjective. It's all about Gideon's perspective until the last. Main reason is that I want my audiences to feel fantasy through Gideon's experience on meeting an unknown creature eventually. I want my audiences to understand the film without any dialog. To me, dialog must be used when you don't have any choice. It's my last choice to use. I love Tchaikovsky and Wieniawski's songs. When I wrote the script, I was extensively listen both "Meditation D. Minor", and "The Legende" At the end I chose the Meditation.

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