Minu Park works as a cinematographer over 4 years now. but behind his film career, he worked as a photographer over 8 years.

During this 4 years, he finished more than 100 projects as a cinematographer, and a single feature film.


Meanwhile, he also finished his BFA in Pratt Institute majoring "Cinematographer and Film and Video" Full time Course.

He intensely finished all these projects as well as getting a degree. 

Besides his Cinematography career, he also writes and direct his narrative passion projects. Some of them are recognized by Werner Herzog.

In his cinematography, you could glimpse "Don't Tell Show More" Many cinematographers only focuses on the lighting using 3 point technique.

But, Minu Park's case, he is the DP who cares about the production design and using as minimal lighting as possible to convince audience a natural lighting and it's mood.