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Discourse, this is a place for his own directing experimental projects.

Jan, 2017


Understanding of Mise En scene


What does your focal length affects on your story? 


Three totally different ways of shooting tell different tone, different perspective. Yet, story is all same.


Special Thanks

King Redman


May 2016



Understanding of subjectivity in Cinema ,

and it's British POV technique .

"Show don't tell"


 Special Thanks

 Fiona Yang Wen


August 2016


Understanding of color lighting, and how it impacts to audience.


Jan 2016


Understanding of Soviet Montage.​


Oct 2015


Dream and Helucination, using limited resources to create a helucinated dream image.


July 2015


Make an experimental project that you hated so much. That was the idea.

No dialogue, only image.


Feb 2015


Make something with the things that you have in your house.

Tone? Sound? Macro world?

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