July 16, 2017

3-4 years ago, I bought really two shitty 70-80 cri Chinese LED lighting for 280$

After I had seen the quality of light, I have never used the light since.

It was really fucked up quality

I just found two Yuji 95 cri good cob chip for 5600k.

Here is my live phone video to...

June 3, 2016

What’s the meaning of good willing?

After I’ve read the halfway of the today reading, I’ve asked myself, how good person I am. I have started to judge myself and measure how good I am in general. What’s the ethics? Ethics is giving us a way to behave to others during ma...

March 19, 2015






Artists' Cave (Feature)


What is an Artists' Cave?




Artists' Cave is a film about discovering the truth of it's art world. Generally, in terms of general perception of artits' being is called such as ' hunger ', 'poor', 'Laziness', 'freedom', 'suffer', 'tregedy'....

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