June 28, 2016


A bright day,  a handsome guy opens a car door with a too. His italian bright grey suit shines. He is leaving the city and a cute girl toward the country. The car was supposed to be unfamiliar to the guy, yet it looks like he has been driving the car over a d...

June 20, 2016

Driving Force

Human needs a driving force, a character also needs a driving force to live. We all human are born, and finding the reason to live. Yet, how about a child’s reason to live? Does child’s motivation of being alive is same as an adult? Let’s say, children’s w...

June 3, 2016

What’s the meaning of good willing?

After I’ve read the halfway of the today reading, I’ve asked myself, how good person I am. I have started to judge myself and measure how good I am in general. What’s the ethics? Ethics is giving us a way to behave to others during ma...

April 30, 2016

Single paper between an art and a cliché

What’s the difference between, motion picture artwork and other forms of art works? The four dimensional approach is possible in only motion pictures. Motion picture, film, and A.K.A cinema could not only capture a period of time...

January 19, 2016

I was hired by Wild Honey Pie's buzz session for a directing position.


This time, we went to shoot in Youtube station.


Prince Rama


We had to shoot entire two songs of session within 8 hours.


I had to decide many things among the budget. 


We rented Three Red dragon Epic


June 11, 2015

The Saga Begins with a single character

In 1979, the world was terrified. Ridley Scott, a legendary filmmaker, who inspires a lots of sci-fi filmmakers about future and it’s fear. Ailen, was published in 1979. During the opening weekend, Ailen made about 3.5 Millions. D...

May 1, 2015

Real New Yorkers

Were you changed by New York or do you change the New York? During spring semester of English 102 class course, in Pratt institute, I learned one thing.  New York has been constantly changed. Whether it’s changed by the city, or the city is enforcing yo...

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