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Minu Park is a Korean director based out of Brooklyn, New York. With his inherent language and cultural barrier to the western world, he challenges himself as a film director who strives to showcase cinema rather than talk about it.

Early on, the odds were stacked against him. He grew up an only child, raised single-handedly by his grandmother in the slums in Seoul, South Korea. At a young age, he started to understand currency and its role in society very intimately. As a result, he quickly became cynical towards capitalistic society, feeling lonely because he held a different ideal.

In his heart he felt that he wanted stand out from the immense crowd of people who were on a treadmill; working, finding their partner, raising their children, rinse and repeat. To Minu, life has always had a much deeper purpose than simply paying bills & “being alive”.

From his experience of poverty, to being a Marine, he has now embarked on a new journey to write and direct a new and emerging genre of film. His central goal remains to start a new wave for filmmaking in the city, using only foreign directors from outside of the United States.

Currently, he is working on directing several feature films. He also keeps busy studying cinematic theory.





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